Dog Paw Print Art

Woof, woof!

Brody here and today I’m borrowing my Mom’s blog because I want to show off something I did.  Last week, Mom and Dad took me to my new doggie daycare and in addition to playing, I made a picture!  Isn’t it beautiful, and I’m a handsome old boy, don’t you think???  Mom and Dad are so proud, and they should be because it’s a grrreat piece of art, if I do say so myself.  Woof, woof!




Well, three days after this picture was made, I had to have an emergency surgery.  I’m doing better, but Mom won’t have much time for crafting in the coming weeks cause she’s watching me like a hawk!

Mom says to tell you thank you for stopping by and looking at my beautiful artwork.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Maybe one of these days I’ll make another picture!  Woof, woof!




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