Somewhere over the Rainbow…Bridge


Our little man, Brody

Thirteen years ago last month, a sweet and adorable little puppy became part of our family.   Getting through the puppy stages wasn’t always easy, but he grew up to be THE BEST DOG.  He loved his family, but his “Dad” became his best friend; my husband was Brody’s “person.”  Brody loved going places and meeting new people; loved going to doggie daycare…just loved his life.

As I have commented in several of my blog posts lately, Brody has had serious health issues since last year.  Since December of 2014, he became diabetic and developed cataracts.  In February of last year, we opted for him to have cataract surgery hoping he’d have his vision again.  The surgery was not successful and thus began the many health issues.  As the year went on, the stretches of “good” health shortened and the health issues became closer and closer together.  Throughout it all, Brody’s spirit was still good, wagging his tail and giving kisses to hospital staff, so we continued to provide every opportunity for recovery.

Last Friday, the 13th, Brody was scheduled to go to doggie daycare for the 2nd time that week, but instead needed to go to the hospital and ended up staying until Sunday afternoon, with little improvement.  That was the first time we saw a weary Brody and decided the time had come to give him a much-needed break.

Yesterday afternoon, the wonderful doctor who came to our house to help Candi transition to the Rainbow Bridge on Leap Year Day last year, came back to help Brody with his journey.  He wagged his tail for her and gave her kisses.  From his beloved home and with his (heartbroken) loving parents by his side, Brody went on his way and I’m sure a very happy Candi was there to meet him.  We love and miss you, Brody.  Rest in Peace, sweet boy.

20150811_093552-2    Such cute little “Toto” dogs…together again.










4 thoughts on “Somewhere over the Rainbow…Bridge

  1. Marty, we’ve chatted about our fur babies and my heart is hurting for you. I’m so sorry. Know that the paw prints they have left on your life will stay forever and bring smiles to your faces as you cherish those happy times. I believe that Brody and Candi ARE together again and so very grateful for their loving Mom & Dad. Take care and Big Hugs ~ Annie


  2. Oh, Marty – hugs and warm thoughts, as I know how hard this is. How lucky your two fur babies were to have you and your family for so long! Thank you so much for checking in on me – I am in transit to Nicaragua for 5 weeks (for research as I am on sabbatical, but also just to soak it all in as this will be my last trip before I retire.) I will be posting (soon I hope) on my blog some watercolor journaling, once I get myself settled there. So good to hear from you, and look forward to your future makes! xxx Lynn


  3. Oh darling, I’m so so sorry to hear of this. Life can certainly be filled with sorrows and I hope you know that I am sharing in yours with sweet thoughts sent to you and wishes of peace and comfort. Warm thoughts to you both, and hugs, Autumn


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